There’s nothing more exclusive than having a personalized song, specifically for your company! We at Petar Kruit can create customized licensed audio to your needs. From production to mixing and mastering… your story will be told in the form of audio and you will be the rightful owner of the song!

Are you in need of a single licensed song for your video? We’ll get it done in a heartbeat!


Make important moments last with beautiful visuals. Let’s visualize everything you need for your company, a wedding, a new piece of music, or any other story that needs to be told. We can capture your tale. From shooting the film down to montage. Let’s dive into your ideas, to ensure you a high-quality 4k video will be delivered to you.


But what if you are looking for the total package? Together we’ll set you up with the right audio for your project and go all the way with a high-quality video to match. In achieving completion, selected partners could help us realize your vision as a team, to ensure your end product is nothing shy of stunning. Feel free to contact us for any specific requests or queries.

Well.. you’re probably excited to see some of our works by now… get inspired even more by other ‘Design stories’.